460 Sainte-Catherine West
套房706 & 708
蒙特利尔, 魁北克, Canada H3B 1A7
Phone: (514)-935-3312

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betvlctor伟德中文版 is an official minority language organization within a country that recognizes two languages as official. betvlctor伟德中文版 is located in Tiohtiak:客, the original name for 蒙特利尔 in Kanien 'keha, the language of the Mohawk—also known as Mooniyang, which is the Anishinaabeg name given to the city by the Algonquin. While we are based in this city, our projects have also taken place in many regions across 魁北克.

We acknowledge the colonial origin of 英语 and French in Canada, and recognize that both languages benefit from official status throughout the land. The province that we know as 魁北克 is an amalgamation of the traditional territories of the Innu and Inuit nations, Algonquian nations, as well as the Mohawk nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Kanien 'keha and Anishinaabemowin are but two of the original languages of this province; Atikamekw, 克里族, 块, and Innu-aimun are also among the many Indigenous languages spoken across 魁北克 as majority languages, 所有 well before French and 英语.

betvlctor伟德中文版 acknowledges the important work being done by First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to revive the traditional languages of these territories, and their advocacy for the official status of Indigenous languages.